Sustainability at heart ​


A green event

The CEA Grenoble aims at being ever more responsible, with men and women committed to their daily professional activities, developing technologies which will cater for future generations needs while respecting the environment.

It is in this effort that the organizing committee puts forward an eco-friendly event with the first 100% CSR Atomiade.

Digital above all
We favour pixels over paper

Mobilité douceSoft mobility favored
All venues are easily accessible

accessibiliteInclusion at the core of our values
Sports accessible to all

produits locaux et de saisonLocal meals and seasonal products
The savours of our region will provide you with all the strength you need!

Grenoble Summer Games

17th Atomiade


Grenoble 2022 Summer Games: three days dedicated to sport. Find out the program here.



In Grenoble, we are in the heart of the Alps, a special environment between city and mountains, culture and nature.


Transport & Accommodation

Organize your stay, book your hotel, plan your transport… you can find all the practical info you need here!

Transport & accommodation

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