At the heart of the organizing committee

Organizing committee

Summer Games 2022

For this 17th Atomiade or Summer Games, the ASCEA-ST (sportive association of the CEA Grenoble) has decided to take the lead of the organization for 2022. An agreement has been signed between the ASCEA-ST, the ASCERI and the direction of the CEA Grenoble.


These three organisations are doing their very best to plan an event that you will remember!

Meet the team…

Grenoble Summer Games

17th atomiade


Grenoble 2022 Summer Games: three days dedicated to sport. Find out the program here !


The territory

In Grenoble, we are in the heart of the Alps, a special environment between city and mountains, culture and nature

the territory


Summer Games 2022 - Grenoble, France

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